Prep: Cloud 1


The next few studios will focus on cloud infrastructure, which we will connect to via Wi-Fi and the CoAP protocol. Many aspects of Particle’s infrastructure are comparable to another commonly used IoT protocol, MQTT. This week’s studio will focus on the API Particle provides on its embedded systems. In particular we will:

Studio Prep (Monday)

At studio time you should have:

  1. Photon configured to work with campus network
  2. Breadboard wired with Photon, your RGB LED, and a button

By Studio you should:

  1. Review of the contents of the Particle Photon’s Firmware API for Cloud Functions.
  2. Review AdaFruit’s All the Internet of Things: Transports Segment on Transports (Watch the videos and read the page). This overview introduces some of the many approaches to connectivity (Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, Cellular, etc.) of internet enabled devices.
  3. Review’s MQTT and CoAP, IoT Protocols for a quick summary/review of MQTT vs. CoAP.