20.5.2 Solubility

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  • is needed only for mass diffusion analysis;

  • is also known as Sievert's parameter (in Sievert's law);

  • must always accompany a diffusivity definition (see Diffusivity, Section 20.5.1); and

  • can be defined as a function of temperature and/or predefined field variables.

Defining solubility

Solubility, s, is used to define the “normalized concentration,” , of the diffusing phase in a mass diffusion process:

where c is the concentration. The normalized concentration is often also referred to as the “activity” of the diffusing material, and the gradients of the normalized concentration, along with gradients of temperature and pressure stress, drive the diffusion process (see Diffusivity, Section 20.5.1).

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Property module: material editor: OtherMass DiffusionSolubility


The mass diffusion law can be used only with the two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and axisymmetric solid elements that are included in the heat transfer/mass diffusion element library.