5.1.1 Accessing the results file: overview

Writing information to the results file

The ABAQUS results file is the medium through which analysis results can be carried over into other software, such as postprocessing programs. The following types of output can be written to the results file:

Output, Section 4.1.1, describes the general format of the results file.

An ABAQUS model can be defined in terms of an assembly of part instances (see Defining an assembly, Section 2.9.1). However, the results file is not organized by part; it contains internal node and element numbers (see Output, Section 4.1.1). A map between the original numbers and part instance names and the internal numbers is written to the data file.

Accessing information in the results file

This chapter contains technical descriptions of the results file and is intended to be read by users or programmers who need to write programs that use the results file.