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ESE497: Robotics Sensing Undergraduate Research Projects

This is the wiki for the Robotics Sensing Undergraduate Research Projects sponsored by Prof. Nehorai in the Electrical and Systems Engineering Department. First semester UGR students take the Robotic Sensing Training so that in subsequent semesters, they can implement their projects using the LabVIEW for Robotics Starter Kit. UGR students joining the Wustl-BCI project will get started through the BCI page.



  • Undergraduate Research Symposium: Saturday, April 30, 12 - 3:30 pm, Whitaker and Brauer Halls (attendance required)
    • Register here.
    • Demo and Poster (sample) required
    • About Printing posters at Engineering IT Help Center: The poster needs to be either in Powerpoint (preferred) or a PDF, saved a thumbdrive. It should be no more than 25M, and there will be fewer complications the smaller the poster. Images should be reduced and grouped together, if using powerpoint. The maximum length for one side is 42", since that is the width of the plotter. If the poster is a powerpoint file, the other side can be no longer than 56".
  • Undergraduate Research and Senior Design Poster Session, April 29, 1-3, Lopata Gallery (tentative) (attendance required)

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